Spiced Pumpkin Flan Recipe

Hari's picture

Mar. 09, 2008

Chef Hari Nayak teaches how to make a spiced pumpkin flan in this easy to follow video. He breaks the cooking steps down, to make it easy to understand. The first step is to make the caramel, the second step is to make the custard and the third step is to bake the flan and cool it before serving it with cinnamon whipped cream. For preparing the caramel, preheat a sauce pan and sprinkle a generous amount of sugar on to it, so as to make perfect amber colored caramel. Hari points out that the sugar should not be stirred while it melts, as it would cause lumps. More sugar is added after the first batch melts. Tilt the pan from side to side to even out the melting sugar but do not stir it. After it takes on a nice golden brown caramel color, take it off the flame and pour it into the soufflé pan. Again tilt the pan to coat the base entirely with the caramel.

The second step is to make the custard for which store bought pumpkin puree can be used along with eggs. The first step is to put the pumpkin puree in a bowl and crack and pour eggs into it (1egg per serving) and blend it together. Then slightly warmed heavy cream is added to the mixture and then sugar along with cinnamon, ginger powder and allspice (according to flavor). Nutmeg can also be added. Chef Hari Nayak advises to put a pinch of salt in the mix, as it brings out the flavor in the pumpkin custard. The mixture is then blended vigorously with a hand held blender. After the mixture is thoroughly blended, it is poured into the mould.

The next step is to steam bake the preparation and the way to do it is by placing the mould in a deep tray, usually filled with water up to the 1/3 level and putting it in an oven with 300 degrees for half an hour. The custard should be done when the preparation is a little jiggly in the middle and an inserted knife comes out clean. The custard is now put in the refrigerator to cool for at least 4 hours (cooling overnight is the best way to do it). After the custard is cooled and ready it is transferred on to a dish by carefully taking it out of the mould with sliding a knife gently between the flan and the mould, so that it comes out. The last step is to serve the ready to eat flan with a dollop of cinnamon whipped cream and a pinch of cinnamon powder on top for who prefer it. The spiced pumpkin flan is now ready to be served a perfect fall dessert.