Konkan Chili Prawns Recipe

Spicy Konkan chili prawns recipe video from the book Modern Indian Cooking (2007 silver back books 1st edition). Chef Hari Nayak shows you how to make a Konkan specialty- Konkan chili shrimp with a twist. He makes his preparation Konkan chili shrimps with dried red chilies and Japanese shishito peppers, which he reveals are mild and have a unique aroma of their own. A little olive oil is poured on to a hot wok and chopped ginger is added along with chopped garlic, shallots and a little more oil (if necessary).
The spices are tossed around a little and the chopped peppers are added along with chopped curry leaves. Chef Hari tells you how chopping the curry leaves brings out the flavor in them rather than adding them whole. The mix is again tossed around a little in the wok to fry them nicely. The shrimps (cleaned and de-veined) are added next along with a little soy sauce. The dried red chilies (chopped) are added after this and the entire preparation is seasoned with some salt. The preparation is tossed around in the wok after each ingredient is added so that it all mixes well. Some scallions are added a handful of chopped cilantro. The dish is now almost ready. The preparation tossed nicely to make everything mix well. The Konkan chili shrimp is now ready to be served and is transferred into a large bowl. This recipe for Konkan chili shrimps can be found in the book Modern Indian Cooking by Hari Nayak and Vikas Khanna.