A cookie is a small, crisp and flat-baked treat. It is commonly known as a biscuit in several English-speaking countries which are located outside North America while it is called cookie in Canada and United States. Oreo, Chips Deluxe, Chocolate chip cookie, Black and white cookie, Rainbow cookie, Peanut butter cookie, Tim Tam, Shortbread and Vienna Fingers are popular cookies.


History of Cookies

The cookie came into existence since the time when baking was invented. Cookies baked during that time were not as sweet as they are today. Cookies originated in Persia in the 7th century AD, a little later, after sugar gained popularity in the region. A Muslim conquest of Spain brought these to Europe. By the 14th century, cookies became extremely famous throughout Europe. It was in 1600s when cookies were introduced to the American cuisine. Gingerbread cookies and macaroons were popular American cookies. Modern cookies were not known well until the 18th century.


Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Cookies

The cookie is generally made by the process of baking but some types of cookies are not baked. Cookies are baked till they turn crisp. Cookies can be made in a variety of styles and the most common ingredients used for making cookies are sugar, butter, spices, peanut butter, chocolate, and nuts. The longer the duration for which a cookie is baked, the softer it becomes. Serving and Eating Cookies Cookies can either be served as a snack or as a dessert. They are most commonly served at tea parties. They can be served hot or normal. They can be served with dessert sauce topping.


Types of Cookies

Cookies can be classified into the following categories:

• Drop cookies - Drop cookies are the ones that are made using soft dough which is filled in spoons and dropped over baking sheet. Chocolate chip cookies are the most popular type of drop cookies.

• Refrigerator cookies – Cookies that are made using stiff dough which is made stiffer by refrigeration are called refrigerator cookies. The dough is first shaped in cylindrical shape and then it is cut in round shape prior to baking.

• Rolled Cookies – Rolled cookies are prepared from stiff dough which is sliced into different shapes using cookie cutter. Gingerbread men cookies are the most popular variety of rolled cookies.

• Molded Cookies – Cookies that are prepared from stiffer dough are molded in the shape of balls called molded cookies. Peanut butter cookies fall under this category.

• Sandwich Cookies – Pressed or rolled cookies that are arranged in the form of a sandwich are sandwich cookies. They are filled with a sweet filling of jam, icing or marshmallow. Oreo cookie is a popular sandwich cookie. Health and Nutrition Facts about Cookies Cookies are a rich source of iron and they have low Cholesterol. Cookies must not be consumed in large quantities by those who are obese or have a tendency to put on fat as they have a large amount of calories.


Cookie Trivia

• In the United States, about 7 billion chocolate chip cookies are consumed every year.

• In the American homes, chocolate chip cookies form half the amount of cookies baked each year.

• The dough prepared for most peanut butter recipes is mixed using a fork. It is then rolled into balls and again flattened using a fork.