Kimo Sabe Mezcal - What Is Mezcal? Part 1

Let's talk mezcal, we sit down with Jim, Ashley and Bruce from Kimo Sabe Mezcal to educate you on what mezcal is all about and how it will change your perception of Tequila being the only great Mexican spirit.

Mezcal is both important to the industry, important to the heritage of Mexico and lacking great information here in the United States. Let's talk mezcal and get rid of that pesky problem of not understanding it.

Kimo Sabe owns 500 acres and buy from all the states Mezcal and produced, taste the first batch and pick the ones they want to put into their library of flavors. Kimo Sabe is a consistent flavor every time.

Learn why they use ultrasound to align molecules in Mezcal!