Cubed Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned Cocktail is simple yet multidimensional. Its few ingredients combine to create what some consider the perfect cocktail. You can make old fashioned cocktails with any spirit rum and tequila both make a wonderful old fashioned. But why not try multiple spirits and multiple bitters for that matter? The Cubed Old Fashioned could just take you to the fourth dimension!


Cognac 1 Ounce
Extra old rum 1 Ounce
Bourbon 1 Ounce
Angostura bitters 2 Dash
Bitter truth chocolate bitters 2 Dash
Angostura orange bitters 2 Dash
Old fashioned simple syrup 1 Ounce
Ice cubes 10 Ounce (as needed)
Orange zest strip 1
Cherries 2



1. In a mixing glass, measure and pour cognac, rum, bourbon, simple syrup and the bitters, stir with ice.

2. In a chilled glass place a big ice cube and strain in the cocktail.

3. Rub the edges of the glass with orange zest.


4. Garnish with orange zest and cherries.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Servings: 1