Pumpkin Cheesecake

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Feb. 05, 2011


Diced pumpkin 4 Cup (64 tbs)
Sugar 1 1/2 Cup (24 tbs)
Oranges 3 , rind thinly pared and fruit juiced
Passion fruit 6
Unflavored gelatin 6 Tablespoon
Unsalted butter 8 Tablespoon (1 Stick)
Corn syrup 3 Tablespoon
Crushed graham crackers 12 Ounce (4 1/2 Cups)
Eggs 4 Large , separated
Finely grated lemon rind 3 Tablespoon (Of 3 Lemons)
Lemon juice 4 Cup (64 tbs)
Cream cheese 1 1/2 Pound
Heavy cream 2 Cup (32 tbs)
Heavy cream 1 Cup (16 tbs) , whipped (For Decoration)
Pistachios 6 , skinned (For Decoration)


Put the pumpkin into a large saucepan with 1/2 cup of the sugar and the orange rind and juice.

Cover the saucepan and cook the pumpkin gently for about 45 minutes, until it is very soft.

Allow to cool slightly, then puree the pumpkin in a blender or food processor.

Cut each passion fruit in half and scoop out the seeds into a nylon sieve placed over a small bowl.

Work the seeds in the sieve with the back of a spoon until all of the juice is extracted into the bowl.

Stir the juices into the pumpkin puree.

Put 3 tablespoons cold water into a small bowl and sprinkle 2 tablespoons of gelatin evenly over the surface.

Allow to soak for a few minutes until the gelatin swells and turns opaque.

Stand the bowl of gelatin in a pan of hot water until the gelatin dissolves and becomes very hot.

Stir the gelatin into the pumpkin puree, then put the puree aside to cool.

Put the butter and corn syrup into a large saucepan and heat gently until the butter melts.

Stir in the crushed graham crackers and mix well.

Spread the mixture evenly over the bottom of a 12-inch springform pan, pressing gently to firm.

Refrigerate the crumb crust while making the cheese mixture.

Beat the egg yolks with the remaining sugar and the lemon rind until the mixture is very thick, and will hold a ribbon trail for at least 5 seconds when the beater is lifted out.

Gradually beat in the lemon juice.

Beat the cream cheese until it is very soft, then gradually beat in the lemon mixture.

Dissolve the remaining gelatin in 6 tablespoons of water, as above.

Whip the cream until it will hold soft peaks.

Beat the egg whites until stiff.

Mix the dissolved gelatin into the cheese and lemon mixture, then quickly fold in the cream, followed by the egg whites.

Pour the mixture into the crumb crust.

Refrigerate for at least 1 hour until set.

Remove the set cheesecake from the refrigerator, then very carefully pour the cold, but not yet set, pumpkin mixture on top.

Smooth the surface.

Refrigerate for at least 3 hours or preferably overnight, until well set.

To serve, carefully run a long metal spatula around the side of the cheesecake to loosen it from the pan, then gently remove the side of the pan.

Place the cheesecake on a serving plate.

Decorate with whipped cream and pistachio nuts.

Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Servings: 38

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 275Calories from Fat 158

 % Daily Value*

Total Fat 18 g27.7%

Saturated Fat 9 g45%

Trans Fat 0 g


Sodium 137 mg5.71%

Total Carbohydrates 26 g8.7%

Dietary Fiber 2 g8%

Sugars 15 g

Protein 6 g12%

Vitamin A % Vitamin C %

Calcium % Iron %

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet