Fish Cake

Fish cakes are a preparation of filleted fish and potato patty coated with breadcrumbs or batter and fried. Fish cake is similar to filet-o-fish and croquette. Fish cakes are usually made from white fish like cod or haddock. Fish cakes do not use oily fish as a rule unless it is to give a special flavor to the dish. Fish cakes also use eggs as an ingredient in the patty that is deep fried. The fish caked are usually served on a bed of greens or salad or coleslaw and is often a good way to use up left over fish. Fish cakes are usually accompanied by a wedge of lemon and condiments like ketchup and mustard .These cakes are salty in taste and are served mostly as appetizers.

History and Origin of Fish cake

The origin of fishcakes is said to be in England in the 19th century when the leftover fish was mixed with potato, dipped in batter was fried and served as snack. Traditionally these cakes were made of cod but today in Europe and Eastern Asia, salmon, jumbo lump, crab meat and angel fish are also used to prepare them. This dish is easily available in Europe at the fish and chips joints.

Method Of Preparation And Ingredients Used In Fishcake Recipe

To make fish cakes, the ingredients which are needed are fish, oil, flour, onion, spices, bread crumbs and potatoes. To make the cake, first of all the fish is washed, skinned and cut into fine pieces. The potatoes are boiled, peeled and mashed. The fish and potatoes are mixed and formed into a coarse paste. Simultaneously, the oil is heated and onions are fried in it. Once brown, all the spices like ginger, cinnamon, chilies, garlic, and coriander are added. The fish paste is also added and cooked. Once done, the rolls are made by combining the mixture after it settles at room temperature. The rolls are dipped in flour and immediately after in beaten eggs and then finally fried.

Serving Fish Cakes

Fish cakes are usually served with mustard sauce or other spicy dips. These spicy cakes make a good snack and are usually served with drinks.Sancerre, Muscadet, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are the drinks commonly paired with fish cakes.

Variations in Fishcake Recipe

Fish cake recipes can have a lot of variations depending upon the type of fish, method followed, and usage of different herbs and spices. Here are some of the common variations of fishcake:

  • Gefilte Fish-These are the fish patties made by Jews consisting of white fish, matzoh or challah.
  • Fiskeboller- Fish buns made of forcemeat are very popular in Norway.
  • Bermuda Fish Cakes- A traditional dish of Bermuda especially made during Easter. The fish cakes at this place are mostly eaten stuffed in buns.
  • Satsumaage- A Japanese fried fishcake usually eaten as snack. Kamaboko is yet another preparation of fish which makes use of white fish.
  • Thai Fish Cakes- These fish cakes are popular in the entire world and make use of Kaffir sauce for its preparation.
  • Yorkshire fishcake- These cakes are popular in Yorkshire and consist of fish along with two slices of potato dipped in batter and fried. These fishcakes are also known as scallop cakes.

Trivia- Fish Cakes

The Book of household management published in the 19th century, by Mrs Beeton mentions about fishcake as a recipe for using leftover fish and cold potatoes.