Bread, a staple food, is a baked flour product prized for its aroma, taste and quality. The inner portion of the bread is soft and is popularly known as the crumb while the outer portion is hard and is called the crust. Bread is one of the oldest preparations, which has been consumed in one form or the other since the Neolithic era. 
History of Bread
Bread was first prepared in the Neolithic era using cereal grains and water. Several materials for leavening the bread were available then. The year 1961 saw the development of Chorleywood Bread Process. It was at this point of time when advancement was made in bread making. This high energy mixing procedure was then used in big factories across the globe. 
Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Bread
Bread is made by cooking flour dough and water with some other ingredients. Dough is mostly baked, but in some cuisines it may be fried or steamed too. Fat, yeast (leavening agent), and salt, are common ingredients of bread and bread recipes. Milk, fruit, nuts, spice and sugar may be optionally added. 
Serving and Eating Bread and Bread Dishes
Bread may be served at any temperature. It may either be eaten by itself or along with some other accompaniment. It can be topped with some spread, used for making a sandwich stuffed with cheese, meat or vegetables or it may be dipped in olive oil, gravy or some other liquid. It is usually had for breakfast and is commonly eaten with hands. It may sometimes be eaten with a knife and fork. 
Storage of Bread and Bread Dishes
Bread is best consumed when it is fresh. Bread which is not fresh and has stiffened is called stale. In order to keep it appetizing, it is either wrapped in a plastic film or stored in a breadbox. Growth of mold is quicker in the breads stored in moist environments than those kept under low temperatures.
Types of Bread and Bread Recipes
White bread – It is made using from flour that consists of the grain’s central core only. 
Brown Bread – It is made using endosperm and 10% bran. 
Wholemeal Bread – Bread which is made from the whole of wheat grain is called wholemeal bread. It is also known as whole wheat bread or whole grain bread. 
Wheat germ Bread – It has wheat germ added to it for additional flavor.
Roti – Roti is a whole wheat bread that is most commonly consumed in South Asia. Chapatti is its variant. 
Granary bread – Bread prepared using granary flour is called granary bread. 
Sourdough bread – It is the bread made using a starter. 
Health and Nutrition Facts of Bread and Bread Recipes
Bread is rich in calcium, proteins and iron. It also has vitamins. Wheat breads are a good source of fiber content, thus regulating the body’s digestive system. Bread is not very fattening. 
Bread Trivia
• From every loaf of bread that is sold, farmers get around 5 cents or even lesser.
• In earlier days children in Egypt were required to get bread and beer for lunch in school. 
• If one sandwich is eaten for all three meals of the day, it would require 168 days to consume the entire amount of bread made using one bushel of wheat. 
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