Cheese Ball

Cheeseballs are nothing but small to medium sized deep fried balls coated with corn flour, refined flour or breadcrumbs and stuffed with cheese mixture. Cheese balls are the perfect item to be served as snacks as well as appetizers. Be it Christmas, New Year or Thanksgiving, cheese ball recipes are apt to be relished in all occasions. Not only is the preparation of cheeseballs easy, but also quite quick. It is the best recipe which can be prepared within just a few minutes with nothing but cheese in store, whenever an unexpected guest drops in. The making of this snack item is quite pocket-friendly and can be served with tangy tomato sauce, chili sauce or schezwan sauce in any holiday, party or get-together. A typical cheeseball is crispy from outside while soggy from inside due to the cheese stuffing. These cheeseballs taste great in every bite when the generously stuffed cheese inside melts into the mouth. These snacks become even yummier with the addition of a pinch of seasonings like pepper and herbs like oregano. Some common examples are Green Chile Cheese Ball, Cream Cheese Penguins, Shrimp Cheese Ball, etc.



Origin of Cheese Balls
There exists no concrete information pertaining to the invention of cheese balls. The term was quite frequently used in the initial part of 1920s in recipes given in newspapers, indicating that it has a much earlier origin. It appears that cheeseballs started becoming known in almost everywhere in the world more or less at the same time. The cuisine mainly emerged from the United States of America.



Ingredients for Cheese Ball Recipes
The basic ingredients for preparing cheese ball recipes include grated cheese for the stuffing, and contents like corn flour, refined flour, breadcrumbs or mashed potatoes for the coating. Oil is certainly needed for deep frying the cheeseballs. A series of addition ingredients like spinach, pineapple, bacon, shrimp, potato, corn, or chocolate chips can be used to prepare a variety of cheese balls.



Methods of Preparation of Cheeseball Snack
Cheeseball can be prepared very easily. Typically, preparation of cheeseballs requires the mixing of grated cheese with anything from finely chopped or grated vegetables like onion, capsicum, potatoes or green chilies, to herbs like oregano or coriander, to other ingredients like corn, pepper and salt. After the cheeseballs mixture is prepared, a batter of thick consistency is made with refined flour and corn flour. Rounded chunks are prepared from the mixture and each of the chunks is then dipped in hot oil and deep fried. Once the cheeballs turn orange or light brown they can be served with tomato, chili sauce or schezwan sauce. 



Variations in Cheeseball
There is umpteenth number of variations with respect to cheeseballs. The cheeseball made with spinach are known as Spinach Cheese Balls. When potato is used they become Potato Cheeseballs. When corn is stuffed along with Cheese Corn Balls are prepared. The use of pineapple gives way to Pineapple Cheese Ball Recipes. When chocolate chip is used in an innovative way, it becomes Chocolate Chip Cheeseball. Other popular varieties of cheeseballs include Toasted Almond Party Spread and Whipped Cream Cheese.



Serving Cheese Ball Dishes
Cheese ball dishes are popularly served as snacks or appetizers. These taste superb when served hot with tangy sauces of tomato, chili, schezwan or any sauce of one’s choice. Coffees and floats go well with cheeseballs. Toothpicks can be pierced into cheeseballs which can be served as both with cocktails and mock-tails. 



Some Health Facts to Cheese Balls
These recipes are undoubtedly nutritious for containing cheese which is well known for its calcium and protein contents and is hence very beneficial for the one suffering from osteoporosis. Consumption of cheeseballs is recommended for those who are willing to gain weight. On the contrary, those who are figure conscious should try to stay away from this dish as cheese is rich in calorie and increases cholesterol. Those suffering from hypertension can benefit from having cheeseballs containing cheese. However, the sugar patients are suggested not to have cheese ball recipes as these rich in cheese are prone to invite heart ailments.



Miscellaneous Facts about Cheeseball
The popular food writer, Kristine Jackson has commented that cheeseball rarely goes out of style. Some popular restaurants offering these mouthwatering cheeseballs include KFC, Caffeine, Texas Fiesta, etc. As per the recent news, McDonalds has been suggested to add this item to its menu too. Linton Tri Kappa is popular for some of the best cheese balls available. The plain one comes for $6 while the ones with nuts cost $6.50.



Cheese Balls Trivia
Every year, the National Cheese Ball Day falls on 17 April. Although the exact sources for this occasion have not yet been located, the best way one is expected to celebrate the National Cheese Ball Day is by pampering oneself by having lots of cheeseballs.