Tiet Canh


Tiet canh is raw blood dish that is commonly served as a breakfast dish in Vietnam. The protein rich dish is prepared with duck's blood or pig's blood but deer blood is also very commonly used.


History of the Tiet Canh

Usually, most Vietnam households prepared a version of the dish when they slaughtered a duck or chicken from their home menagerie for their suppers. The protein rich dish is very popular in North Vietnam and is also served as a roadside snack that is eaten by the locals.


Tiet Canh Recipe Overview

Tiet canh can be prepared with duck's blood and this is usually the most popular version. The freshly cut bird is hung to collect the blood and it is then refrigerated or allowed to clot for 24 hours. The meat of the duck may also be cooked with MSG and flavorings and shredded. The meat is then spread out on a platter and the congealed raw blood is sprinkled on top of it to make the dish. Eventually, the dish sets to form a silky soft jelly that is bright red in color. There are versions where the blood is cooked with vinegar and oil and meat but this will change the color of the dish to dark brown.  The raw blood may also be mixed with fish sauce in a 3:5 proportion to increase the taste of the dish. The raw or cooked dish might be sprinkled with Vietnamese basil or rau rem, vinegar, lemon and peanuts before serving.


Serving Suggestions

This dish is served with strong alcohol as an appetizer. The dish has a strong metallic taste due to the raw blood content. Locals generally have it as a breakfast soup or with supper. In local restaurants, this blood based dish is served with fresh basil, fresh vegetables, and lemon juice. The soft jelly has to be spread or picked up with local Vietnamese toasted sesame rice crackers or rice papers called Banh trang me.


Popular Tiet Canh Recipe Variations

Tiet canh variations are based on the cooking methods and the animals that are used to collect the blood from. For example

  1. Tiết canh Chó is made from dog blood and meat and is very popular in North Vietnam
  2. Tiết canh heo is made with pig blood and pig meat
  3. Tiết canh de is very popular as it is made with deer meat and deer blood.



The Government of Vietnam and Cambodia has been trying to ban this dish due to the high incidence of H1N1 disease or bird flu that is carried by birds and can be transmitted through the raw blood.