Nurungjiis one of the traditional Korean recipes, which is made up of scorched rice. A thin layer of rice crust usually remains at the bottom of the pot in which the rice is cooked. The name Nurungji has been given to the dish due to the yellow scorched state of the rice which is known as nureun. The dish is really great, healthy and light. Also, the crunchy feel is highly satisfying.


Nurungji Recipe – Variations

Several variations ofnurungji exist. It can be eaten in various ways.


  • It can be either in its crispy form as snack.


  • It can be eaten in the form of rice tea after the meal, where hot water is added to the dish.


  • Also, the dish can be re cooked by adding water and boiling the dish. This variation is known as nuren bap or nurungji bap.


Nurungji Recipe – Health Benefits

Nurungjiis highly popular for its medicinal and healing attributes. 17th century medical book Dongui Bogam states this rice based dishas a very good cure for people having stomach problems and vomiting sensation. Also, people who find difficulty in swallowing food can benefit a lot due to this amazing dish. Earlier the dish was popular by the name chwigunban. It is considered to be a healthy food in South Korea.