Cendol is the popular cold dessert from South East Asia- Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Southern Thailand and Singapore. It is believed that this cold dessert derives its name from a word “jendol”. The word jendol in Javanese, Indonesian and Sundanese means “bulging” or “bumping”. Cendol, lives to up to its name in recreating the bumpy sensations that arises in the stomach when green-worm like jellies are swallowed. The Indonesians consider it as a refreshing drink.


Cendol Recipes- History

There is not much information about the origin or birth of this recipe. But the mention of cendol appears for the first time in the Malay concordance project which was published in 1932.


Cendol Recipes- Commonly Used Ingredients

Cendol is prepared using coconut milk and green worm-like jelly. The green worm- like jelly is prepared using the rice flour and green food coloring and the dish actually refers to the jelly. Some other ingredients such as creamed corn, red beans, grass jelly and glutinous rice may also be added. Different variations of cendol are popular around Southwest Asia. In Singapore you can enjoy cendol topped with durian or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. In Sunda at Indonesia the variant is greener than its Malaysian counterparts. The cendol in Sunda is prepared from syrup of areca sugar, coconut milk and rice flour worms or sago worms. The palm sugar, cendol and coconut milk mixture is called dawet in Javanese tongue.


Cendol Recipes- Serving and Eating Suggestions

In Malaysia Cendol is served in small bowl of rich coconut milk and shaved ice. The dessert is sweetened using thick brown colored sugar syrup derived from palm sugar. Alkaline water is added to cendol to make it smooth and bouncy.


Cendol Recipes - Types

Various types of cendol are enjoyed in South East Asia. Some of the famous varieties are:

• Cendol biasa (normal): This is a normal cendol recipe with coconut milk and green-worm jellies.

• Cendol pulut (glutinous rice): Cendol pulut is prepared using coconut milk and glutinous rice. The light green color of worm-like jellies comes from Pandan leaves.

• Cendol kacang: Cendol kacang is prepared using cendol, red bean and coconut milk.

• Cendol bandung: • Cendol jagung (sweet corn): Cendol jagung is prepared using cendol, sweet corn and coconut milk.

• Cendol campur (assorted): Cendol campur is prepared using cendol, pulut, sweet corn and red bean.


Cendol Recipes- Health and Nutrition Facts

Cendol gives you proteins, but it is quite high in fat, carbohydrates and calories. The coconut milk and condensed milk used in the preparation of cendol is rich in fats and sugar. Normally cendols are topped with palm sugar syrup which further adds to the fats, sugar and calories. It is not recommended for diabetic.


Cendol - Miscellaneous Facts

In Malaysia cendol is sold on carts by the Indian Muslim vendors.