Monkey Bread

Monkey bread is a popular sweet pastry savored during breakfast in America. This pastry is variously known as African coffee cake, Hungarian coffee cake, pinch-me cake, bubble loaf, and sticky bread across America. The origin of its present name lurks in oblivion; but there are various interesting theories regarding its unusual name. Some possible theories suggest that the bread was named so owing to its resemblance to a monkey tree or owing to its preparatory method where dough herds around reminding of the monkeys’ behavior. Some say that its sticky behavior does the trick. The bread is coated with cinnamon and sugar or nut pieces before serving.


History of Monkey Bread
The origin of this bread can be tracked to many centuries back when sweet yeast rolls were prepared and eaten during special occasions. The Middle Eastern cooks were the first ones to prepare sweet, buttery rolls with sugar and cinnamon. The recipes for such spicy and sweet rolls were popularized by crusaders, explorers, traders and travelers who traveled from one place to the other place. Many of the popular bread variations are observed throughout the world. It is believed that French galette, German Kuchen, Pennsylvanian Dutch Sticky buns, along with bubble loaf might have descended from the same recipe.  


The first mention of the bread occurred in 1945. Some food historians state that the bread was a product of ZaSu Pitts and Ann King. It is believed that First Lady Nancy Regan served the bread during one of the Christmas dinners at White House.


Monkey Bread Recipe- Ingredients

Dry yeast, eggs, sugar, butter, buttermilk, and flour are some of the ingredients used in the preparation of this bread. Other than that, brown sugar, rosemary and raisins are used for topping the bread. The bread is coated with butter, cinnamon and sugar. Sometimes nuts and other coatings are also used in the preparation. 


Monkey Bread Recipe- Preparation

As regular versions demand, yeast dough is used in the preparation; but modern and simplified recipe variations suggest using refrigerated biscuit dough. The dough is portioned into balls and is coated with melted margarine or butter. When coated, the bread is rolled in toppings as per the choice of an individual. These balls are baked in oven or bundt pans. When cooked the monkey bread becomes sugary and moist and can be easily pulled apart in simple sections. The bread can be baked in any size or shape. However, usually it is prepared in ring shape because it makes the best choice when it comes to presentation. The dish preparation is comparatively easy affair than most of the other dessert preparations, as said by food connoisseurs.


Serving and Eating Sticky Bread
The monkey bread is normally served or eaten with tea, coffee, or a big glass of milk.