Colorado Bulldog


Colorado Bulldog is one of the most popular cocktails or mixed drinks. It is basically a Russian drink that is among the most fascinating drink all over the world. Another drink called ‘White Russian’ is quiet similar to Colorado Bulldog, but few variations in the recipes make the drinks distinct from each other.

Colorado Bulldog drink is mildly sweet and creamy in texture. This recipe is quiet interesting ad can easily be prepared as a fashionable drink at home.

Origin of Colorado Bulldog Drink

Debate persists over the origin of the Colorado Bulldog and its origin is still mystifying, but some people believe that it is originated in Russia. However, many recipes are popular for this famous drink.

It is also known as the closest cousin of ‘White Russian drink’.

Making of Colorado Bulldog Drink

The making of Colorado Bulldog is easy-to-follow and just a twist of ingredients make all the difference in creating an exciting cocktail. This drink comes under the category of creamy or chocolaty drinks. Like children use to drink milk shakes, it is also a milk shake with ice and some alcohol for grown ups.

The main ingredients or liquids use to make Colorado Bulldog are vodka, kahlua, milk or cream and a dash of coke. Vodka is liquor that provides the alcoholic taste to the drink. Kahlua or coffee liquor bestows the coffee flavor to Colorado Bulldog drink. Richness and texture is added by incorporating milk with the liquors. To give extra smooth texture, cream may be added along with milk. For those who prefer light drinks, may opt for skimmed milk and cream.

The drink often adds in a splash of coke or coca cola. It not only provides the flavor but also imparts an airy texture that makes the after taste of Colorado Bulldog little sweet and little zesty. Diet cola may be used if extra sweetness is not required and according to experts, it is the better choice for this drink.

Being a mixed drink, it needs a great mix with two or three vigorous shakes. Though a shaker is always better for this, but in the absence of shaker the ingredients except coke can be poured directly into the glasses filled with ice and shaken while covering with tin. The coke should always be splashed in the end while serving.

Serving of Colorado Bulldog Drink

Colorado Bulldog is an old-fashioned drink that is still popular in the contemporary world of cocktails. It is typically served in an old-fashioned glass that is also known as ‘Rock glasses. Colorado Bulldog is served “on the rocks”. Ice cubes can be used whole or may be crushed depending upon the preference.

Ice may be eliminated if drink has to be served warm. In winters, this drink tastes good when served little warm like warm milk.

The splash of coke and little cream may add extra punch to Colorado Bulldog. Coffee or cocktail sugar decorated on the rim of the glass is always an added feature to the taste of the drink.

Colorado Bulldog Drink Trivia

Colorado Bulldog is often considered an excellent bedtime drink in winters.