How To Make Chocolate Poke Cake..From Scratch!

My husband would request this chocolate poke cake every week if he could! He's a big chocolate fan (clearly wink) and I'm right there with him! This cake is incredible and made for real deal chocolate lovers. Expect to see more poke cakes on this channel because I'm pretty much hooked to them. They are so fun, easy and slightly over the top. This homemade chocolate poke cake never fails to get raved reviews whenever I take it places. I hope you like it as much as we do!

note You're whipped chocolate topping won't be as soft as mine. It was 95 degrees on my back porch! If you place it in the fridge the topping takes on a nice dense texture, although we prefer it soft like cool whip. ENJOY!!!


Please watch the video for ingredients.


Please watch the video for directions.

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