Betty's BLT Sliders

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Apr. 15, 2016

Betty demonstrates how to make BLT Sliders. These are small Bacon-Lettuce-Tomato Sandwiches on slider buns.


1 pound sliced bacon, fried until crisp with each slice divided into thirds
mayonnaise, as desired
iceberg lettuce squares, as needed
sliced Roma tomatoes, as needed
package of 12 fresh slider buns



Assemble each BLT Slider as follows: 

Spread cut side of bottom of slider bun with mayonnaise. 

Place 3 or 4 pieces of bacon on top of mayonnaise. 

Place lettuce squares on top of bacon. 

Place tomato slice on top of lettuce. 

Cap with top portion of slider bun. 

Place all finished sliders on nice serving tray.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy