Mississippi Blues Burger

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Mar. 23, 2016

In this video I'll share with you a recipe that one of my subscribers gave me that comes from an old restaurant in Mize, Mississippi. The old restaurant has been closed for around 15 years now, but this recipe from there lives on. I use it on a burger that I call the "Mississippi Blues Burger" that is cooked using a old school technique by frying in tallow. Back in the days of old, animal fat was all people ever used to fry food, and it's actually making a comeback because not only are they discovering that using animal fat isn't near as unhealthy as the big companies that sell cooking oils would have you believe, it's actually much better for you than their hydrogenated oils (trans fat) , plus it's the perfect frying oil above any. Hope you enjoy the video and give this a try for a truly enjoyable experience!


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Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Medium