Gabon food is basically famous for its locally produced fruits and vegetables, where the most popularly produced ones  include bananas, pineapples, papayas, guavas, bushbutter, mangoes, coconut, avocado, eggplant, feed corn, bitter eggplant, peanuts, sugarcane, and plantains. Bush meat and fish, which are good sources of protein, are also popular food items in Gabon. Fish stews and meat are quite popular in Gabon, which is located in central West Africa. The cuisine of Gabon is also famous for palm wine, beer and alcohol, which are produced from locally grown sugarcane.


Also, it is a custom in Gabon to serve wine and food to ancestors during  occasions where both women and men participate together in song and dance.


Gabon Recipes- Commonly Used Ingredients

Cassava is used as a starch item in most of the recipes of Gabon, where it refers to a kind of tuber which has low nutrition content, but is quite filling. The young leaves of cassava are used in the form of vegetable.


Popular Foods from Gabon Cuisine

  • Fufu-Fufu is a traditional Gabon food item which makes use of cassava as an essential ingredient.


  • Manioc– it is also known as yucca or cassava, which is a staple food of Gabon, and belongs to the plant family known as Euphorbiaceae.


Famous Places For Gabon Cuisine Foods

Restaurants offering only Gabonese food rarely exist in Gabon; however, there are a few establishments which offer a blend of both Gabonese food and foods of other cuisines.


  • L'Odika– This Gabon restaurant offers healthy gourmet food, where the food is very clean and delicious, which includes several kinds of African delights such as soups, stews, vegetables curries and rice based dishes.


  • Le Phare Du Large – In this restaurant, fish based dishes are the major delicacies, where utmost care is taken to preserve the quality of the dishes. Also, this restaurant offers several kinds of French dishes which are really good and worthy.


  • La Dolce Vita– Here seafood dishes are the main delights, with seafood salad being the most admired Gabon food item. Other delights of this restaurant include colorful ice cream, pasta and pizza.