African Cheese

African Cheese is a broad term used for a large variety of different types of cheese variants available in different parts of the African continent. The better known Cheese varieties based on their place of origin are-




§  Roumy cheese is believed to be a cross between Parmesan and Mozzarella; has a salty taste, crumbly texture and is extremely versatile as it can be used in both hot or cold dishes and may be purchased at different stages of aging, according to taste. This cheese like many others has a distinctive smell but Egyptians enjoy it, melted or whole, in-between whole wheat pita bread, the Egyptian Baladi bread along with a cup of hot tea.  


     A 28 g serving provides 114 calories, 9.6 g fat and 7 g of protein.


§  Domyati cheese or Domiati cheese, also called ‘gibna beyda’ (white cheese), made primarily in Egypt and Sudan, is a soft white salty type of cheese.  It is usually made from buffalo or cow milk, or a mixture, but may also be made from sheep, goat or camel milk. As such, it is the most common Egyptian cheese. Unlike other white cheeses like feta, before rennet is added, salt is first added directly to the milk. This cheese derives its name from the seaport city of Damietta (also spelt Domyat or Damiata).


     Estimated composition of Domyati cheese is 23.4 % fat, 21.1 % protein and calorific value is 511 kcal/100 g.


§  Areesh cheese or Arrish cheese is an Egyptian cheese quite similar to cottage cheese and is the mother cheese in the production of a variety of fermented cheese called ‘Shanklish’.


     This cheese contains 17.6 % proteins.


§  Mesh cheese or Mish Cheese is considered an ancient farmhouse type of cheese, it is a nutritious product prepared by fermenting cheese in salted whey for several months or even years. Thus, it is extremely salty and sharp emitting the distinct smell of ammonia. It may be flavored sometimes with red chillies etc.  It is a mainstay in the diet of the Egyptian peasant and often eaten as an appetizer by other social classes in the country. 


 100 g of this cheese supplies 150 calories, 10 g fat, and 11 g of protein.




§  Ayib cheese is a type of fresh soft cheese that's somewhat of a hybrid between cottage cheese and ricotta. Curdled milk is used to make cottage cheese, which is seasoned with salt and pepper before topping with finely chopped chives or scallions. It is the cheese of choice in making ‘Mesir Wat’, traditional Red Lentil Stew.




§  Caravane cheese is the name of a brand of cheese made out of camel milk.  Tiviski is the principal manufacturing company for this cheese. This type of cheese is low in lactose content.


South Africa


§  Bokmakiri cheese is a soft cheese made from goat milk.  


§  Kwaito cheese a mild, creamy cheese made from cow’s milk. Kwaito  cheese is made primarily by the Indezi River Cheese Company of South Africa. It is marketed in plain as well as flavor variants like smoked, carnival peppers, green peppercorn, and black peppercorn.


Other lesser known cheeses are-


§  Beast cheese


§  Mqundu cheese