How To Make Fresh Avocado Guacamole - My Recipe Book By Tarika Singh

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Jul. 18, 2018

Learn how to make Fresh Homemade Avacado Guacamole with Tarika Singh.

Guacamole - An Avocado based dip that is traditionally originated in Mexico has travelled worldwide and has become a part of all cuisine as a dip, condiment and salad ingredient. Food blogger Tarika Singh have been using Avacodo in many of her famous dishes, but here she brings you the zinggy and exotic Guacamole, something for which the former is famous for.


White onion 1/2 , finely chopped
Garlic 1 Clove (5 gm) , mince
Green chilli 1 , chop
Lemon juice 1 Tablespoon
Cilantro leaves 1/4 Cup (4 tbs) , chop
Ripe avocados 2 Medium
Pomegranate seeds 1/2 Cup (8 tbs)
Ripe mango 1 Small , peeled (((cut in to cubes)))
Sea salt 1/2 Teaspoon



1.Use a pestle mortar (or food processor in pulse mode) to make a paste of the onions, garlic & green chilli to get a paste-like consistency.

2.Add the lemon juice & cilantro leaves to the onion paste and continue pounding (pestle mortar) or pulsing (food processor) until it forms one cohesive, chunky paste.

3.Slice up the avocados, remove the pit & scoop out the flesh into a bowl. Use a fork to mash the avocados completely.

4.Add the prepared paste to the mashed avocados & stir it together to combine.

5.Add the pomegranate seeds, mango cubes and salt to the avocados & stir to combine. Taste to check if you'd like to adjust any flavors.


6.Serve with nachos.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Servings: 10