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Yogurt Drink

A yoghurt drink is very healthy and refreshing for the body. Sweet or salty yoghurt drinks are consumed by people from all parts of the globe and every country refers to these drinks by different names. Ayran or dhalla (salty yoghurt based drink) is consumed in Albania, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Iran. Lassi is a very common yoghurt drink, which is very popular in India and Pakistan. It can be made either salty or sweet as per preference. The sweet lassi (or sweet yoghurt drink) is mixed with mango, rosewater and many other fruit juices to make the drink more delicious. Whereas, the salty drink, also known as buttermilk (or chaach) is prepared with roasted cumin seeds and red chillies. A sweet yoghurt-based drink is ideal to beat the summer heat. The best part about yoghurt drink is that it can be easily prepared at home with the help of a mixer grinder.