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Borhani is basically a popular Bangladeshi drink that is made by using fresh yogurt and mainly served during wedding celebrations. This spicy drink is one of the important items in the menu of any Bangladeshi festival and occasions. It is popular known as the drink of prosperity in the country. This drink is widely seen as a representation of the culture and cuisine of Bangladesh.

Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview of Borhani Drink

Borhani has an extremely simple recipe that needs some basic ingredients such as coriander, green chilies, cumin powder, Bit laban (also known as Black Salt or Rock Salt or Kala Laban), yogurt or butter milk, ground pepper, ground mustard powder, sugar and salt. Apart from all these ingredients, some handy tools are also needed such as whip or Electric Beater, small pan, bowl and grinder.

This traditional Bangladeshi drink, Borhani is quite similar to shakes when it comes to preparation. An electric beater or a blender is generally used to mix the yogurt or butter milk with all the other ingredients. There are many regions in Bangladesh where people generally prefer to use butter milk instead of yogurt just because the former needs less whipping. And less whipping automatically means less work. On the other hand, yogurt needs a more force full whipping to get the perfect traditional texture. Some grinded chillies and mint leaves along with roasted cumin and coriander powders are also added in the drink while blending to spice up the flavor. However, the drink is generally served cold and therefore kept in the refrigerator after being made.

Serving Borhani Drink

Borhani is usually served cold in all Bangladeshi traditional festival, weddings and other formal or informal occasions. However, lunch and dinners are the main choices for serving this dish. The drink is mainly garnished with mint leaves. Various other ingredients like roasted cumin seeds can also be sprinkled on the top of the Borhani to make it more delicious and spicy.