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Health Benefits Of Greek Yogurt

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The health benefits of Greek yogurt are myriad as compared to the regular yogurt. Greek yogurt’s popularity has been increasing day by day as more and more people discover the simplicity of opening a carton and consuming probiotic rich food as a mid-morning snack or morning breakfast. The health benefits of Greek yogurt are more elaborated as compared to other yogurts. The Greek yoghurt can be used as a base for making healthy salad dressings, smoothies, yogurt based ice creams, sauces and desserts. It is very tasty and versatile too. So let us read further to know how Greek yogurt is better than your regular yogurt.





Greek yogurt is thicker and creamier

Greek yogurt is thicker and creamier in texture which several people find appealing. Standard yogurt is usually strained twice, while Greek yogurt is strained three times to eliminate excessive content of the whey. After whey is removed, it is important to get rid of the water content which results in a thicker and more substantial yogurt product. For this very reason, no thickeners have been added to Greek yogurt, yet it possesses an appealing texture. As it is thicker and creamier, this type of yogurt is usually used for making dips and sauces.


Greek yogurt is lower in carbohydrates

For all those who are carb watchers, Greek yogurt is possibly the best choice. Whereas standard yogurts have about 15-17 grams of carbs, Greek yogurt contains about 9 grams of carbs and with some brands that have even less. Greek yogurt is also a good choice for diabetics.


Greek yogurt is rich in protein

If you want a yogurt which is a good source of protein, Greek yogurt undoubtedly wins out over regular yogurt. Most commercial Greek yogurts available at supermarkets contain double the protein percentage as compared to other standard brands.


Greek yogurt is lower in sodium

If you are also careful about your salt intake, then Greek yogurt again wins over the regular yogurt. It contains as much as fifty percent lesser amount of sodium in comparison to standard yogurts.


Reap the health benefits of Greek yogurt by including it as a part of your daily food.


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Health Benefits Of Greek Yogurt