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How To Replace Oil With Yogurt

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Yogurt or oil


If you are looking for a healthier cooking substitute, yogurt could very well replace oil in your scheme of things. Surprised? Don't be because cooks, all over the world, have been doing this for centuries. If you want to know more on how to replace oil with yogurt, here are a few tips.

1. Use yogurt to reduce or replace high-fat ingredients, such as butter and oil in baking. Yogurt maintains the creamy taste in baked desserts and makes the otherwise fat laden desserts healthy by giving them body and flavor.

2. When you are baking chocolate chip cookies or brownies, you could replace oil, butter or other fat ingredients with non-fat yogurt. If the recipe requires 2 cups of oil, then use ½ a cup of yogurt and 1 cup oil to make the baked good. Similarly if 1 cup butter is required then, use 1/2 cup butter and 3/8 cup (3/4 of 1/2 cup) non-fat yogurt.

3. If you want to replace oil completely with yogurt, then be prepared to have a moister final product. You could reduce water and other liquids slightly to counter this problem.

4. Other than oil, you could also use yogurt in place of sour cream in your recipes. If the recipe calls for a small amount of heavy cream (say one tablespoon), then yogurt in the same quantity could be used instead.

5. Replace oil with yogurt when baking breads and muffins. This substitution significantly reduces the calories in the final product.

6. Applesauce, bananas, pumpkin and prunes are also commonly used fat replacements in recipes and can be used in conjunction with yogurt to replace oil.

7. Drain the liquid from the yogurt before adding it to your recipes. This will ensure that you do not add too much liquid to your baked product. Passing the yogurt through a strainer prior to adding it to your recipes can help.



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How To Replace Oil With Yogurt