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Food Fraud: Fruit Yogurt

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Fruit Yogurt, logically speaking, is supposed to be one of the healthiest diet inclusions; after all, fruit and yogurt are one of the healthiest food choices available at a grocery store. However, too often this nutritional dynamite can actually be nothing more than a food fraud! Wondering how is this possible? Read on to check out the true health value of this so called healthy food…





Food facts:



As is evident through the nutrient table above, though, yogurt is a true health booster, which helps digestion and contributes to very less calories, the dynamics change rapidly in case of fruit yogurt. The addition of fruit comes with a handsome dose of sugar, which makes them loaded with calories. Also, to add to the creaminess of the fruit yogurt, milk with a higher percentage of fat is normally used, thus, adding to the fat percentage of the dish. 

Moreover, several commercial fruit yogurts do not contain real fruits at all; rather they are just flavored with synthetic fruit flavors and colors. These additives, some studies have shown, destroy the probiotic value of the yogurt, and render the food as just another sugary treat with very little nutritional value.

Thus, fruit yogurts are nothing more than food frauds. Fruits and yogurt are great foods to eat individually and combining them is not a good idea.  


Healthy way out: Choose plain yogurt instead of fruit yogurts. If you find the taste of plain yogurt too bland, then try adding some fresh fruits on the top, but no sugar or any other kind of sweetener.  


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Food Fraud: Fruit Yogurt