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Bring Variety To Yogurt – Choose A Different One Every Day

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Fruit yogurt is one of the most popular varieties of yogurtIf you have yogurt almost everyday, you might become bored with the same taste almost everyday. Try to bring variety to yogurt – choose a different one every day and you will simply love the taste of yogurt. Here are a few ideas on how you can have different varieties of yogurt.


Full cream yogurt – If you choose to have this yogurt, you will have to keep away all thought of calories from your diet. This diet is creamy and rich in taste and is said to be a perfect side dish too. You will love to dip fruits in this fresh cream yogurt and have it.


Nonfat and low fat yogurt – If you had regular yogurts, you can try to have the low fat and nonfat yogurts now. These are made from low fat or part-skim milk which tastes just wonderful and are good for your health also. You can have them as many times as you wish without having to worry about adding calories.


Light yogurt – This is another loved variety which promises you at least 50% less of fats which you get from your regular yogurt. This light yogurt can be had early in the morning as a part of your breakfast. In fact, light yogurt is often used in the marinating process of chicken and lamb recipes. If you marinate chicken in light yogurt, the chicken gets cooked faster and you will be able to get a distinct taste of the dish.


Custard or Swiss yogurt – This is a lovely combination of fruits mixed together in yogurt for Healthy and very tasty yogurt drinkindividual servings. You can add gelatin, if you feel to add to the firmness of the custard. This variety of yogurt is also known as blended yogurt or fruit yogurt. This is loved during kid’s parties and other events.


Heat treated yogurt – You will simply love this variety which is unique in taste. This is a new way of eating which means that the yogurt has been heated which in the process kills the various active yogurt cultures.


Liquid or drinkable yogurt – This can be your healthy drink. Yogurt and fruits are often blended and some ice is added to make it drinkable. You can choose to have different flavors like pineapple flavored yogurt, strawberry yogurt which is full of strawberries and even mango flavored which makes use of fresh ripe mangoes in its making.


Sundae yogurt or yogurt – This is a special type of yogurt, which has fruits on the bottom – Fruits of your choice are just at the bottom of the yogurt. If you turn it upside down, it will be quite similar to a sundae. You can bring a variety to it by mixing different fruits and making it very creamy and smooth. 


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Bring Variety To Yogurt – Choose A Different One Every Day