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Yam Fry

Yam fry

Yam fry is a favorite recipe of French people. Yam fry is made up of a starchy vegetable called yam. In Africa, Asia and Latin America, Yam is a primary vegetable for cultivation.

Nutritional value of yam fry?

Yam fry is a healthy dish as yam is a good source of vitamin c, vitamin B6, potassium and manganese. Saturated fat contents and sodium contents are very low in yam. Though after frying, yam looses some of its vital nutrients but still it is a good food for obese and diabetic people as it has lower level of glucose as compared to potato.

Yam fry recipes

Fried yam sticks, yam fish balls, hot pineapple yam salad and yam koftas are some of the recipes that shows the good use of yam fry in all kind of dishes.