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Vermouth is a wine that is flavored with various spices and herbs like cardamom, marjoram cinnamon, and chamomile. A few versions of this fortified wine with aromatic flavors are sweetened. However, dry and unsweetened versions are also available. Such versions are bitter in taste. There are various ways of using this type of wine. It can be used in various dishes and drinks to create amazing vermouth recipes.

Uses of Vermouth

  • Vermouth can be used to create cocktails.

  • White wine can be replaced with vermouth for cooking various dishes. The drink is shelf stable and a fortified drink. Also, it does not get sour if kept for a long time, as is the case with white wine. Therefore, it is considered to be a good choice for cooking various dishes.

Invention of Vermouth

Vermouth recipe was invented by Antonio Benedetto Carpano from Turin, Italy, in 1786. He got the idea of inventing vermouth when he came across German wine which was flavored with a very good herb known as wormwood. This herb was commonly used for distilling absinthe. The herbs that are present in this wine were earlier used to mask cheaper wines, which gave a little flavor of medical tonic.

Popular Vermouth Recipes

Poultry dishes

Vermouth is used often in preparing poultry dishes. One of the classic dishes, “chicken vermouth” is very famous among various popular vermouth recipes.


In many cocktails, this drink is used in the form of a moderating agent, where it helps in reducing the ratio of alcoholic content in the drink in terms of volume. An herbal favor is provided to the drink. Such drinks are called as “French Italian cocktails”. This is so because sweet vermouth referred to Italian ones and dry one referred to French.

A few cocktails based on vermouth recipes include Algonquin, Crystal Bronx, Bamboo, Chocolate Soldier, Rob Roy, Martinez, Income Tax Cocktail, Martini, Nice Communist, and Ingrid. All these cocktails are prepared using dry or sweet vermouth, or a combination of both of them. other ingredients like rye, orange juice, soda water, pineapple juice, dry sherry, lime juice, gin, apple juice etc are used for preparing these cocktails.

Satan's Whiskers

Satan's Whiskers is a kind of drink which constitutes both sweet and dry vermouth, gin, orange bitters, curacao and orange juice as the major ingredients. This drink is shaken well before serving and is served with no ice.

El Presidente

El Presidente is made up with a mix of curacao, rum, and vermouth. The origin of El Presidente lies in Havana, Cuba. It became popular since 1920s. The name El Presidente was given to honor President Gerardo Machado of Cuba. This cocktail, which is made on the basis of one of the vermouth recipes, became one of the most preferred drinks of rich class people in Cuba.

Styles of Vermouth

Vermouth can be classified into three different styles viz

  1. Dry – it is one of the main ingredients in mixing of cocktails
  2. White/bianco – this is referred to French wine and is used in creating cocktails.
  3. Red/sweet - this kind of wine is drunk in the form of aperitif (an alcoholic drink taken before meals)