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Rice Wine

Rice wine is a popular Asian alcoholic beverage that has been part of daily life since ages. Rice wine is colloquially known as "yellow wine" and famous for its rich-flavor and has moderately low alcohol content.

Popular Rice Wine Ingredients

Rice wine is made from the fermentation of rice starch or millets. Apart from drinking rice wines are used in cooking as sauces and marinades also. Rice wines make good substitute of dry vermouth, scotch, dry white wine or dry sherry.

Types of Rice Wine

Amazake, Ang Jiu, Cheongju, Brem, Choujiu, Gamju, Huangjiu, Jiuniang, Kulapo, Lao-Lao, Lihing, Makkoli, Mijiu, Pangasi, Raksi, Sake, Sato, Soju, Sonti, Hadia, Tuak, Tapuy and Tapai are some of the important types of Rice wine.