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Christmas Wine

Christmas wine, also called Holiday wine, is a special traditional wine which is especially eaten during the Christmas Holidays. Christmas wines are not of a single kind as there are several popular wines which are drunk on the occasion of Christmas and are traditionally regarded as Holiday wines. During the festive occasion of Christmas, wine tasting parties are often held in the Christian homes, amongst friends and families to celebrate the Holidays. Over the years, a number of new varietal wines are being gradually introduced as a part of the Christmas dinner and so, apart from the age old traditional Christmas wine selections, there are several contemporary entrees as well. The top 5 red wines which are quite popular as Christmas wines are Shiraz, Port Wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel. Amongst the whites, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris are regarded best Christmas wine varieties.

Christmas Wine Traditions in Different Countries

A vast selection of the Christmas wines all over the world has been inspired by the spiced Christmas wine tradition that is followed in Europe. Sparkling wines have been the most celebrated of Holiday wines since the historical years, more so, in the case of Champagnes. One quintessential Holiday wine is the mulled wine, which many regard as the ultimate Christmas wine. In Germany and France, the mulled wine Gluhwein is traditionally tasted during the Holidays. The English Mulled Wine also has a rich drinking tradition during the Christmas holidays. It is believed; the recipe of this Christmas wine first appeared documented in the year 1869. Glögg is a Swedish mulled wine, which is popular during the Holidays in Scandinavia and northern Europe. In England and Germany, the mulled Christmas wine – Wassail holds a special place in the Yuletide tradition, which is now also quite popular in America.

Food Pairing for Christmas wines

The traditional pairing of Christmas wine goes with cheese and crackers. With ham, wines like Pinot Noir or Riesling are preferred. Turkey dishes are best accompanied by Sauvignon Blanc or Shiraz. Goose on the other hand is best paired with Christmas wines like Chardonnay and Zinfandel. Many Holiday wines often come at the end of the meal and are served with the desserts as dessert wine. Popularly, these festive dessert wines are served with puddings and dessert pies like spiced pumpkin, pecan, apple and sweet potato.

Serving Christmas Wines

These Christmas special wines are often prepared into punches, especially for treating the guests in the Christmas parties. The most popular Christmas wine varieties with which punches are made, include Champagne punch and Sangria punch. Poinsettia on the other hand is a festive cocktail very popularly served during the Christmas. This red and green drink is prepared with a sparkling wine and lime. Mulled Christmas wine variations mainly come in the red wine version mixed with spices and served warm. Traditionally, Christmas wines are served in theme painted, colored, etched and red – green stemless wine glasses.