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Supermarket Wines Bag Major International Wine Challenge Awards

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Supermarket wines win awards

“International Wine Challenge Awards” this year was swept by Supermarket wines making them the obvious choice for consumers when it comes to having a 'tipple'. The Supermarkets scored high on the award list and collected 25% of the awards with Tesco getting the most. The Great value awards for white, sweet as well as the red wine went to the British multinational, Tesco with Marks & Spencer’s edging it out in the Great Value Rosé category. The total number of awards for Supermarket wines also rose by 50%, an achievement indeed for the humble brand of wines that were not considered fit for the elite class before. The wines at the challenge were tasted by more than 400 judges, all of them regarded as experts. The tasting procedure was completely blind with none of the wines sporting labels depicting the names of the brands or wineries. “The International Wine Challenge is very proud of its role in bringing these wines to the attention of wine drinkers,” said Charles Metcalfe, the co-chairman of the body.



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Supermarket Wines Bag Major International Wine Challenge Awards