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$168,000 Wine That Takes The Cake!

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Penfolds Wines

You must have read about shipwreck bottles of champagne being sold for $156,000 earlier this month but this bottle of wine takes the cake. It is released by famous Australian wine producer, Penfolds, and it costs $168,000 a bottle.


2004 Block 42


Penfolds winery debuted its “2004 Block 42” wine, which will be available only in 12 limited editions of the glass ampoule (sealed glass capsule in wooden casing). Each wine ampoule will be opened at a special opening ceremony, which will be organized for individual purchasers. 2004 Block 42 is a Cabernet Sauvignon and is made form grapes grown in a single vineyard. The most expensive wine in the world will be directly sold from the winery and the glass ampoule, in which the wine is packed, has been designed and hand-blown by noted glass artist of Australia, Nick Mount.


The Announcement


In a press release, the Penfolds winery says, “When a decision is made to open the Ampoule, a senior member of the Penfolds Winemaking team will personally attend a special opening ceremony for the owner (essentially your very own master-class). The winemaker will travel to the destination of choice, where the Ampoule will be ceremoniously removed from its glass plumb-bob casing and opened using a specially designed, tungsten-tipped, sterling silver scribe-snap. The winemaker will then prepare the wine using a beautifully crafted sterling silver tastevin.”


The Wine & Its Cost


It is a well-documented fact that a wine’s taste increases in direct proportion to its cost, which means that people enjoy a wine more if its cost is higher. Caltech neuro-economist, Antonio Rangel, has spent quite some time studying this trend and he says, “When people drank the same wine, but they believed it was a more expensive wine, areas of the brain that are associated with encoding pleasure were more active.” He further adds, “Maybe the idea that you’re having the most expensive bottle of wine in the history of mankind, for a certain type of person, may make them feel very special, and that in itself could generate pleasure.”


The Surprise


The unknown part of this story is that when the same wine was released in 2007, it was priced at $225, which is several notches down the present price. However, now that the Penfolds winery is releasing it as more of an art object, the price tag is somewhat justified. One of the reviewers of this product, who first reviewed it in 2007, wrote, “The beauty of 2004 is apparent in the Block 42, which I expect to be among the greatest wines of the vintage, and in my book, the best straight Cabernet Australia has ever made.”


The 12 Ampoules


While the wine has generated so much attention the world over, the Penfolds winery has stuck to its decision to release just 12 ampoules. One of these ampoules would be for the library maintained by the winery, one will be auctioned for charity, and 10 ampoules will be sold in North America (2 ampoules), Europe (2), Asia (3), and Australia and New Zealand (3).


Well, if you are a person of discerning taste but still don’t have deep enough pockets for this one, don’t lose heart. Here is a list of 10 best inexpensive wines for you to enjoy.


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$168,000 Wine That Takes The Cake!