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How To Clear Rhubarb Wine

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How to clear Rhubarb wine is quite an intricate matter unless you know the right method. Clearing rhubarb wine is a part of brewing, which removes the sediment portion from the wine texture. However, by default the wine remains cloudy in its initial stage. If you are keen to make good quality rhubarb wine, you have to learn the methods of get it clear also, otherwise the procured wine quality will not be up to the mark.


The history of rhubarb wine


Originally rhubarb wine was from China and dated back at 2700 BC. It was known in Liang Dynasty as a medicinal antidote for fever and in later age at the time of Sons as a natural medicine for plague. From onward, 1800, rhubarb wine was introduced into United States and was introduced in common menu as a regular drinks.


How to clear rhubarb wine at home


  • Rhubarb wine is made of rhubarb herbs and in its first stage remains cloudy. You have to employ some special technique to clear the cloudy texture of this home made wine.
  • Clearing rhubarb wine is a post-brewing phase. You should try for it after 8-week time fermentation of the raw unfiltered wine. In the first step you have siphon off the raw wine into a carboy.
  • While pouring the raw wine you have to take double precaution because by any means you should try not to stir the bottom portion of the wine. One of the prime reasons behind the cloudy texture of this wine is its sediment part.
  • Now you store the wine in the carboy for another hour weeks and keep the carboy covered and place it in a cool dark place. After four weeks bring it out and check for its level of cloudiness. However you will find slight improvement in the texture but it is not as clear as you have desired so far.
  • Now it is time to add special agent for making your home brewing process complete. The clearing agent used for rhubarb wine is bentonite. It’s a wonderful wine clearing agent and works especially well with pulpy wines like rhubarb wine etc.
  • You have to mix bentonite clay and water in a proportion of 12:1 ratio in a separate container. You have to keep it for three days for complete melting of the clay into the water. Then add more 7 oz water in the mixture. Add the total mixture into 5 gallons of wine and stir mildly the mixture so that one gets mingles with other. Allow the mixture to sit for another 8 weeks in a cool dark place.
  • After 8 weeks now you can stir the wine into sterilized bottles. Seal the cork tightly and label the bottle with date. Store the bottles in a cool dark place for at least 8 months more before you offer them for your guests.


Now when you know how to clear rhubarb wine you can do it by your own. Rhubarb wines are excellent to enjoy with friends and family.

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How To Clear Rhubarb Wine