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Help A Child With 5th Annual Hudson County CASA Wine Tasting

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Attending a Wine tasting event can be fun and it is designed for people who love wine. These kinds of events provide opportunity to sample a range of wines and also socialize at the same time. Wine tastings are popular because they override the limitations of sampling wine alone.




For tasting wine, why should I go to Hudson country CASA wine tasting event? This charity event is for a cause...Yes! Hudson country wine tasting is organized by CASA with a cause of providing a safe and permanent shelters for foster children.




A must attend Charity Event:


We can contribute a bit:


1) Make a Donation

2) Are you willing to speak up for a child? Then you can join us as a volunteer, supporting the cause and be the child until it is placed in a safe and permanent home

3) Spread the word among those you know who have an interest to help children in foster care.

4) Share Your Talent

5) Become a Corporate Partner and assist in this mission

6) Participate in the events organized by CASA.



Tips on planning a charity event


1) Bake a Pancake

2) Car Wash

3) Auction

4) Fun Runs/Walks

5) Any kind of Fundraising Activities.



Other benefits of such events:


Enjoy best food with wine:

Chardonnay: Salmon, Grilled Chicken, White Creamy Sauces, Veal, avoid spicy food.

Pinot Noir: Salmon, Tuna, lamb, avoid spicy food.

Barberra: Pizza, Lasagna, Lemon Chicken, Pasta



Health Benefits of wine:


1) Reduces Kidney Stone problems

2) Cuts down on heart attack risks

3) Protects against Atherosclerosis

4) Reduced risk for cardiovascular diseases

5) Helps in lower lung cancer risk


Use wine in your kitchen:


Combine food and your favorite vintage in the following ways:

  • Use wines to deglaze the pan cooked with meat and make a rich sauce.
  • Help in your salad dressing by mixing wine, herbs and olive oil.
  • Marinate meat and poultry in red or white wine marinades and white wine marinades.

Madeira, Sherry and Port are common food cooked with wine recipes.


For more information on wine, visit


Wine tasting event is more than just about socializing. Help the CASA by helping a child get its rights. All it requires is your time and few pennies from your pocket.


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Help A Child With 5th Annual Hudson County CASA Wine Tasting