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How To Get The Best Wine Deals For Yourself

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Wine is a favorite drink for many and finding the best wine deals for yourself can be a tricky task. This is because there are lots of companies which are competing to sell their products to you. These companies sometimes try to attract customers with special offers. You need to be careful or you could land up paying more for a bottle of wine. 

If you want to get best wine deals, the internet is the best way to do so  However before you start searching for the best wine deals you should understand the market to get the best deal. A corner shop isn’t going to stock any little gems that you might be able to find from an online wine retailer.

The first thing to do before trying to get the best wine deals is to decide if there is a type of wine that you particularly like and if you like all kinds of wines then go for mixed case of  wines. While buying a mixed case of  wine,  make sure that the wines included in the case are sold individually. The best mixed cases are those that you can mix yourself – although this can be time consuming.

Here are some of the best wine deals of the week;

Taste the Difference Albarino 2009 Spain

12.5%, Sainsbury’s, £7.49

This white wine is from the Valle de Salnes in Galicia, on Spain’s North Atlantic coast, which is pounded by cold winds and rain that makes it beautiful. This wine is fresh and calm, this wine becomes more adamant if you pair it with white crab or fat langoustines. A really good deal, not to be missed!

Domaine de la Meynarde Plan de Dieu 2009 Cotes du Rhone Villages, France

14.5%, M&S, £7.49

This is one of those useful reds you want to buy, It’s made mostly from grenache, along with syrah and carignan.  This wine is rich and you can drink this wine very happily in the combination of lamb chops with baby new potatoes to sticky sausages with mustard and polenta. Do not wait to grab this one.

Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch Chardonnay 2009 Australia

12.5%, Oddbins, £16.99 or £13.59 by the mixed six

You couldn’t resist the elegant feel of this one, specially to be mentioned the skeins of flavor that wave through it. Moreover it has all the works: fermented in wood with the help of wild yeasts and with a surprising bit of gewürztraminer to breathe gentle florals through it. You can pour this into a flower jug.

Hope the above tips and deals help you to get the best wine deals worth your money. 

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How To Get The Best Wine Deals For Yourself