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Why Should You Decant Wine - For Fresh Taste

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Have you ever thought of using a decanter for your red wine? If not, here are a few reasons why you should decant wine.

The most obvious reason is for fresh taste!

Surely every wine drinker owns a beautiful decanter; one which has been gifted to you during your wedding or on Christmas, or one which has been passed down in the family. It is a beautiful thing to own; a crystal or cut glass decanter. But it is not something to be kept as a show piece!


You may be thinking “why do I have to decant wine?” You have never used a decanter and yet your red wine tastes just fine right? But if you decant the wine instead of just letting the bottle rest on the table for a few hours before dinner, I am tell you, it won't only taste fine, it will taste great.

  • A decanter helps you to separate the sediment found in aged wines which have been cellared for a long time. You will not only get a ‘clear and filtered’ liquid when you decant wine but the process also allows the wine to ‘breathe’ when you transfer it from its bottle to the decanter. Aeration of cellared wine helps to oxygenate the wine and develop the bouquet and aroma of the liquid that has been bottled for a long period. It thus enhances the quality of aged wine, just like swirling in the glass is supposed to do. Wide bottomed and glass decanters are the best to use and will help the extract the best flavor of your wine.
  • Decanting wine is worth the extra effort as it does full justice to your red and the great food which has been placed on the table. A beautiful crystal or cut glass decanter will add to the table setting and give that vintage feeling during an occasion.


Decanting wine is really simple however requires greater care when it is an old and aged bottle.

  • Stand your bottle of wine overnight after you bring the bottle out of your cellar. This will allow the sediments to settle down in the bottle. Remember, aged and matured wines are never filtered during the wine making process, so there is bound to be large and fine sediment.
  • After several hours of standing, you can filter your wine in a decanter. It is very important that you decant wine in a very well lit room. In fact the best way is to decant in front of a lamp or lit candle. Pour the wine very slowly into the decanter, keeping a watch on the neck of the wine bottle. It is easy to decant two thirds of the bottle but be extra careful for the remaining one third. You must stop pouring when you see the sediment approaching the neck of the bottle. The wine in your decanter will be clear and beautiful, gleaming in the light.
  • Young wines or regular wines barely have any sediment as they are filtered during production. No need to rest the wine before decanting. Just carelessly splash the wine into the decanter a few hours before your guests arrive. This will aerate the wine and extract the flavor and aroma from it before you pour it into the glasses for your guests.



Decant wine before your next dinner party and you are sure to be complimented by your guests. You will never again want to drink red wine without decanting it.



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Why Should You Decant Wine - For Fresh Taste