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Port Wine Ideas - To Warm Your Winter Wine Glass

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The port wine is the one thing which can zip up your moods for good during this chilling winter time. We are giving out some amazing port wine ideas to warm your winter wine glass.  The port wine is a sweet wine which is just apt for the winters. You can enjoy it with chocolate or cheese.  Till some years ago port wine enjoyed the status of a dessert wine, but now slowly they are emerging as the accepted sipping options for wine and champagne.


The port wine is the native of Portugal’s Douro Valley, but it is produced in other areas too. You can simply enjoy this Portuguese dessert drink with everything and anything around you. You can rely on this blog to gather some port wine ideas. Here are four port wines, which will heighten your festive spirits by enriching your dampened moods.  


Taylor Fladgate: 2003 Late Bottled Vintage ($22): Taylor Fladgate is one port wine manufacturer which can boast of the authentic wine legacy because it released its first wine bottle in 1692. The 2003 Late Bottled Vintage  amazes you with its fruity aromas. It is a sort of aggressive alcohol which tames your mind with its floral and herbal notes. It can be teamed with any meal. For best results team it with any desserts prepared from chocolate and berry fruits or with dry cheeses such as Stilton or Roquefort.


Taylor Fladgate: 10-Year Tawny Port ($10):  This is an exemplary tawny wine which heightens your spirit with its delicate wood notes and rich mellow fruit. It can go well with the desserts prepared from chocolate, coffee, and almonds.


Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve ($20):  Sipping a glass of Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve is best if you feel low due to the roughness of the weather or otherwise. The dark red and fruity aromas of ripened plums and cherries leave you aching for more.  This port is generally served towards the end of the meal. It can be teamed with any nutty and chocolate desserts and it gels well with all types of strong cheeses.   


Graham’s Crusted Port 2002 ($23.95): This port is an amalgamation of everything rich-deep ruby red color; and intense aroma of blackberries, eucalyptus and mint. You can enjoy this wine with chocolate desserts, fruit desserts like cherry pie and cheesecake and blue or hard cheeses.  This wine won silver medal in the International Wine Challenge 2009.


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Port Wine Ideas - To Warm Your Winter Wine Glass