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How to Open a Wine Bottle Without Using a Corkscrew

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Opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew? – you must be thinking this is impossible. However, there might be situations when you don’t have a corkscrew handy, but you have a new bottle of fine wine, which you desperately want to open. There are several funny tricks for opening wine without using a corkscrew and most of them are collected from ardent wine lovers.



1. In a situation like this, the easiest option would be to push the cork inside the bottle with some strong and hard object. This could be the back of a spoon or a wooden ladle or even a pen. Use your full pressure to push the cork downwards inside the bottle, so that it floats on the wine. However, make sure to use a long sized spoon or ladle; otherwise it might also go inside the bottle along with the cork. While using a pen, you might tie a string on the other side for pulling it out from the bottle. CAUTION: Stand back! Some of the wine is going to squirt out of the bottle when the cork is pushed in!



2. One of the funniest options of opening a wine bottle is by using a shoe. In this process, you first tear off the protective seal of the bottle and then place the bottle in an upward position inside a shoe with a thick sole. Now, beat the shoe really hard on a solid surface, it could be a wall or floor by holding the bottle with one hand. The cork will slowly come out with the beating. When the majority of the cork is out, you can simply pull this with your hand or teeth. In this process, there is a chance of spilling the wine if you aren't careful at the end.


3. Another interesting way to open a wine bottle is by using a tree. This trick can come handy during a picnic in which you forgot to pack a corkscrew. In this process, you should use a soft towel to cover the bottle. After removing the seal, thump the tree trunk with the end of the bottle. Don’t use extra pressure as the bottle might break. Slowly but steadily keep on thumping; the cork will gradually come out.


4. In absence of a corkscrew, you can also try using a long screw, a screwdriver and a hammer to open the bottle. This process follows the same principle of a corkscrew. Put the screw at the middle of the cork and with the screwdriver, fix the screw inside the cork till half the length. Then, use the back of the hammer to pull out the screw along with the cork.


5. One last trick involves using household kitchen items. Hold the bottle horizontally over the sink and with the help of a chef’s knife, slowly try to bring part of the cork out. Now keep the bottle on a surface and hold the cork with one hand and with the other hand push a strong fork into the cork. However, be cautious while pushing the fork as the cork might get pushed back in again. To avoid this, you should hold the cork tightly. Now, move the fork along with the cork in a circular motion and slowly pull the cork upwards and out of the bottle.


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How To Open A Wine Bottle Without Using A Corkscrew