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How To Place White Wine In An Ice Bucket Before A Party

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I used to get worried every time I organized a party – my main concern was how to place white wine in an ice bucket before a party. There are many ways of placing white wines in buckets, but some of these might be really untidy, Have you noticed people trying with all their strength to pull out wine bottle from its bucket? This happens mainly because the wine was not placed in a way which would have made it easy to bring it out when needed.


White wine can be served warm but if you wish to serve it in the most traditional way, you should serve it chilled. Serving it chilled is not as easy, because you have to get it chilled rightly – not too much or not too less. If you over-chill it, you won’t get its flavors – thus, you need to know the exact temperature as well way of placing white wine in ice so that it gets chilled just as you want it to. It will need a little patience and some practice to learn how to serve perfectly chilled wines.


Here are the steps which you need to follow while placing white wine in a bucket:

  • You will need an ice bucket for the purpose and fill it with crushed ice. You need to place half an inch of ice layer in the bucket, so that the wine bottle gets enough ice.
  • You can now fill this ice bucket with enough cold water. Cold water with the combination of ice shall help the wine bottles to chill quickly.
  • Once you have the bucket ready with the right temperature, you can place this white wine into the bucket.
  • You have to carefully place the wine centrally in the bucket. Slowly scoop out shaved ice from the bottom part and place it along the sides of the bottle. This is done to ensure the bottle gets enough of  the chill.
  • You have to fill up the area completely till the label of the bottle. However, you need to be very careful, that you do not pack the ice too tightly around the bottle or else it shall become very difficult to remove the bottle when you wish to serve it.
  • When you have placed the white wine in the bucket, you need to ensure that the bottles are in the bucket for at least 30 minutes. This is enough time for the bottles to chill.
  • Check the temperature and chillness before you remove the wine bottle for serving.


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How To Place White Wine In An Ice Bucket Before A Party