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How To Prepare A Wine & Cheese Tray

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Preparing wine and cheese tray is knowing about how to place the ingredients right so that wine and cheese does not over power each another. How to prepare a wine & cheese tray for your next party? If you wish, you can  go  by  the thumb rule which says that heavy wines taste wonderful with strong cheese while lighter air ones taste better with light flavored cheese you can  set your tray that way.


Here are some great cheese tray options along with wine suggestions which shall work excellently with such cheese. You can offer these wines to your guests and let them enjoy the party. Here are some tips of preparing the tray ingredients tastefully:


Start the process by buying 3-5 types of cheese. If you wish to serve it as an appetizer, you need to count 2-3 ounces of cheese per guest and if it is going to be served as a main meal, you need to count it as 6-7 ounces per person.


Wine should also be purchased in different varieties and enough quantity, keeping in mind the number of guests who will be dropping in. You need to calculate two ounces of each variety of wine per guest when the tasting begins. You need to have full bodies red wine, dessert wine, sparkling wine and one selection of the common wine. Get some bread and mild crackers also.


If you are using sparkling wine it should be chilled overnight while white wine needs to be chilled for around 3 hours before serving. The red wine has to be kept in the refrigerator for as long as 30 minutes before the party begins.


The cheese also needs to be prepared at least an hour prior to the arrival of the guests. This shall give the cheese enough time to sit at room temperature and get an excellent flavor.


The soft ripened cheese needs to be cut into wedges and semi hard cheese should be cut in cubes. If there is blue cheese it needs to be cut into chunks. Soft cheese like the popular Brie can be kept in their round shape. Set the knives just beside the cheese and let the guests spread the cheese on the bread slowly.


When you are decorating the tray, put 3 varieties of cheese in one tray. Remember that the tray should be divided on the basis of wine they are going to compliment. You should never place mild cheese beside a pungent flavored one as it shall mix the flavors which are not at all desired. If your tray is large in size, you can set out 5 types of cheese.


Bread slices and crackers need to be neatly arranged in the tray. Garnish it with seasonal fruits or dry fruit or even nuts. If you wish you can place cards with cheese and wine and mention its type, so that the guests know what they are having.


Last but not the least, serve all the cheese plates as per the wine you are serving. Your cheese tray is completely ready.


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How To Prepare A Wine & Cheese Tray