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How To Keep Wine Glasses Clean? – The Sparkling Stem Beholds the Sparkling Drink

Your sparkling wine seen through the kaleidoscope of a perfect glassware holding it, as it rises- all bubbly celebrating the spirit of every occasion…the crystal clear appearance un marred…till you are jarred by a realization of a stain on the wine-glass.. a scar on the wine-serving culture! Instead of smarting yourself , you could very well learn how to keep wine glasses clean and enjoy the drink in its truest, barest spirits.
how to keep wine glasses clean - for the sparklin sheen
All stemware  irrespective of their make or quality tend to develop the foggy outlook if not maintained properly. So it is best to adopt the maxim of “Prevention is better than cure”.
So, how do you prevent the fog setting in and how to keep wine glasses clean?
•    Use warm water to clean your wine glasses. And a regular dish wash bar to clean the glasses.
•    Never  use hot water for your stem ware , or even put it in the dish washer. The hot conditions in the dishwasher might induce cracks in your crystal ware. So always keep the “handle with care” label in mind, while trying to keep wine glasses clean.
•    Adding a bit of vinegar to the water used for cleaning the wine glasses, will prevent it from fogging.
•    If in spite of your careful maintenance, the cloudy appearance does set in , then you could soak the wine glasses in vinegar for a couple of hours. Hand-wash it as usual and dry it using a lint-cloth. The process may have to be repeated twice or thrice till the filmy appearance of the wine-glasses wears out.
•    Dry the glasses immediately after washing. As mentioned, use lint-cloth (or soft towel) for drying.

Some don’ts while keeping wine glasses clean.
•    Avoid using hard water to clean your wine glasses, as the salt crystals  present in hard water can trigger the formation of ‘cloud’ on crystal or glass.
•    Avoid using chlorinated water as well, as this might leave a residue which can infiltrate into the wine-flavor.

Some preferable do's on how to keep wine glasses clean.
•    For the avid wine drinkers, having distilled water to keep the wine glasses clean is a good option, as you are rest assured that you are cleaning the stems with clean water.
•    An exclusive sponge for washing the crystal ware alone is also welcome, as you can be sure of a scrub that is purely for the wine-stores without any contaminants.

With the tips on how to keep wine glasses clean, you can enjoy the sparkle of your wine through its sheer crystal texture, which would allow you to effervesce every time you clink, anytime!

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How To Keep Wine Glasses Clean? – The Sparkling Stem Beholds The Sparkling Drink