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How to Chill Sparkling Wine

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how to chill sparkling wineHere is how to chill sparkling wine.

Bubbly wine is usually associated with celebrations like New Year’s and birthdays. The popular alcoholic beverages known as “sparkling” are either rose or white in color. Champagne is the most popular of all sparkling wines and it comes originally from France. If you want to obtain complete effervescence of these drinks, you must pour them whenever they are about 45 degrees F. These wines must not be served at room temperature.

1. Fill a clean sink or a bucket halfway with ice. Add water to it in order to bring near the surface of the sink or bucket.

2. Now take the bottle that has to be chilled and put in the water and ice. If the level of water does not cover the wine, add more ice and water to the bucket in such a way that you keep the half and half ratio of both.

3. Swirl the bottle in the water and ice for approximately four minutes or just leave it inside to sit for about 10 minutes.

4. Serve the wine now. If you have to serve it later, you must place the bottle inside the refrigerator in order to maintain the chill.

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How To Chill Sparkling Wine