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How to Make a Homemade Fermenter for Honey Wine

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Who doesn’t love a refreshing drink of Mead - the traditional Honey Wine; but ever thought of making your very own authentic homemade honey wine? You surely might have but stopped yourself at the thought of preparing cumbersome and expensive wine fermenter; worry no more for I am going to show you how to make a homemade fermenter for preparing your very own honey wine.Homemade fermenter for preparing Honey wine


• All you need for making a honey wine fermenter is a clean jar or bottle with a relatively small opening, a tightly fitting rubber cork with a central hole and an air seal – you will get these at your local chemist or brewers shop. In case you can’t locate one in your vicinity, you can also buy it online; when ordering the cork online, remember to precisely measure the opening of the jar or bottle you are going to use and order the cork accordingly.

  • • To make honey wine, fill the fermenter jar with boiled and cooled water - 1gallon less than the jar capacity, i.e., for a 5 gallon jar you will need 4 gallon water. Boiling the water is necessary to sterilize the water and avoid microbial contamination.
  • Take 4 lbs of honey for every gallon of water used, i.e., for 4 gallon water added to a 5 gallon jar you will require 16 lbs of honey. Simmer the honey for few minutes to sterilize it and also inactivate any enzymes or wild yeast present in the honey that might hamper the wine fermentation.
  • Once cooled add this to the fermenter jar and mix it well with the water. Now you will need a packet of wine yeast, which you can buy at the local brewer’s shop or order online. Add the yeast to the fermenter and seal it wil the rubber cork. Fill the airlock with water till half full and insert it securely into the central hole of the rubber cork and set it to ferment in a cool and dry place.
  • The fermentation might take around 2 to 3 months. The wine is ready when no more air bubbles are seen rising into the airlock. Now bottle your wine and have it immediately or allow it to age for a better vintage like taste.


Note that making the fermenter is easy but for a good Mead it is essential to  maintain sanitary conditions to avoid bacterial growth that harm the quality of your honey wines. 



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How To Make A Homemade Fermenter For Honey Wine