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How to Tell When Your Wine Is Done Fermenting

Wine is much more beyond merely being an alcoholic beverage. Dinner accompanied by a glass of wine or wine after long hours of work makes up for an experience that must be savored. Not only drinking wine is a pleasurable experience but making wine is also very interesting. 

How to Tell When Your Wine Is Done Fermenting? This can be tricky question if you are a newbie to the wine prparation. But you need not to worry becuase this blog will help you to find the answer for the question: How to  Tell When Your Wine Is Done Fermenting .


Fermented grapes are an essential requirement for making wine. Fermentation is a very delicate process that must be followed carefully. In case it goes wrong, the whole wine supply shall be wasted. Wine fermenting is done when yeast consumes sugar and transforms it into half CO2 and half alcohol. 


Wine fermentation occurs in two stages, the primary and secondary.


1.   Make the wine according to the wine recipe instructions. The liquid then formed should be transferred to a ploy-fermenter. Primary fermentation will take 4-7 days. Make sure that you do not use the air lock as the yeast will require air in order to multiply.

2.  When the primary stage is over, attach the air lock to the poly-fermenter. Now, secondary fermentation will take place that will last 2-3 weeks. The left over alcohol will develop during this time. Best wine-makers wait for 3 weeks ideally. 

3.  Lastly, measure the wine using a hydrometer to see if the Specific Gravity Reading is 1.030. If it reads so then you are done with your bottle of wine.

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How To Tell When Your Wine Is Done Fermenting