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Gewürztraminer - wine with a twist

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Gewürztraminer  (guh-vertz-trah-MEEN-er ) - a real tongue twister. 

Probably the most difficult name among all wines. But I love it.  I know, I know. It’s not the #1 on a of wine lover’s list.  But I just love this wine. And the best part is that only after reading about it I understood why I love Gewürztraminer 

No, it’s not because I can impress my friends by ordering this difficult sounding wine at a restaurant but I like this wine because it has spicy characteristics. Bingo!! There's the answer. Spice (and everything spicy) is embedded in our DNA. How can I not like a wine that has spicy characteristics and goes very well with spicy Indian food? And get this, the name literally means "Spice Traminer” (Traminer is a white wine grape).

I think Gewürztraminer was made for women like me who love spicy food and sweet desert wines.




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Gewürztraminer - Wine With A Twist