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Wine appellations

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Wine Applellations to check wine qualityIn wine parlance, the quality of wine is judged by its appellation.An 'appellation' in the beverage terminology is a general category of wine which is often, the use of appellations is governed by the country that issues them, and are used to group wines by geographic origin,alcohol content, grape variety, etc.

In France, there are four tiers of appellations, with Appellation d'origine contrôlée being the highest and best known (this is often abbreviated AC or AOC).

Other appellation that follow AOC in the decending order are:-Vins Delimtes qualite superieur (VDQS),Vin de pays(VDP),Vins de table(table wines) which are

the lowest of the low.

Likewise, Italy have similar appellations,starting with (DOC)Denominazione d'origine controllata as the highest and best known.Each and every country have

their own wine governing bodies and they have their wine appellations.

I hope all you wine lovers must have got the basic idea of DOC and AOC wine appellations.

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Wine Appellations