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Maipo Valley Wine Region

Maipo valley wine is known mainly for its red colored wine which offers peppery and sometimes very aggressive notes. Fruit flavored wines are not normally produced in Maipo valley wineries, but light bodied, aromatic wines with low alcohol and low acidity levels are quite common.

Historical Background of Maipo valley Wines

Maipo Valley wine became popular after the first commercial winery was set up in the region in 1856. Grapes were grown in the region since long but with the development of wineries, the demand for wines produced in the region increased.

Popular Maipo valley Wine Regions

Maipo Valley wine region is known as the home of Chilean wine where wine grapes were produced for the first time. The southern and western coastal regions have the most number of vineyards. Most wineries are located in the region which surrounds Santiago, mainly due to logistical reasons. Some of the oldest and most respected Maipo Valley wineries are set up in this region.

Popular Maipo valley Wines

Maipo valley wine includes the following:

• Odfjell Vineyards Carmenere Orzada 2005 – This is a red wine which offers a spicy and peppery aggressive note.

• Concha Y Toro Cab/Sauv Puente Alto Marqués de Casa Concha 2005 – All leading Maipo valley wineries are dedicated in producing this light bodied aromatic wine.

• Santa Rita Triple C – This is a white wine available in several flavors and notes. Maipo valley Wine: Trivia Maipo valley wine is produced from the ‘icon’ grapes of Chile.