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Easy To Make Whiskey Sour

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This is a drink that I have made and served a lot. It is called whisky sour. Easy and simple to make.
  Whisky 120 Milliliter (4 Parts)
  Lemon juice 3 Ounce
  Sugar syrup 1 Tablespoon (2 Parts Sugar And 1 Part Water Heated Up)
  Ice 1 Tablespoon, coarsely broken

Mix all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously.
Pour in whisky glasses.

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Very Easy
Be it Father's Day, St. Patrick's Day or any other special day, a good drink can pep up celebratory mood like nothing else. Easy to make and simple to serve, this kick-ass drink will surely give you an instant high. And don't worry about the empty calories, once in a while indulgence is fine.

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I love mixing drinks and it feels so great to play the bartender at any party! Thanks for the recipe you have here!
Easy To Make Whiskey Sour Recipe Video