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Oil Balsamic Vinegar

Oil balsamic vinegar is a salad dressing that is healthy and adds to the taste of the salad. Olive oil has high fat but it helps lower cholesterol so it is good. High-fat dressing often ruins the healthful salads. But this dressing does not do so and it is very easy to make. The ingredients required to make oil balsamic vinegar dressing are balsamic vinegar, olive oil, spring of rosemary, sea salt, cloves garlic and fresh cracked pepper. Some oil balsamic vinegar recipes include Balsamic Vinegar Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar Olive Oil Marinade, Bbq Salad Olive Oil Balsamic Vinegar, Bread Dipping Oil Balsamic Vinegar, Coleslaw Sauce Balsamic Vinegar Oil and Oil Balsamic Vinegar Dressing.