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Lime Vinaigrette

Lime vinaigrette is a made by mixing vinegar, salad oil or olive oil, lemon juice along with salt, sugar and white pepper. A vinaigrette recipe is mostly used in French and Mediterranean cuisines. In some of the lime vinaigrette recipes, orange juice and honey is also added with some herbs to give it a more flavored and tangy taste. Mostly vinaigrette is used as a salad dressing; however, it also acts as a thick sauce for many dishes. It can also be used as a marinade. Cilantro can be added with orange juice to prepare the cilantro lime vinaigrette recipe which blends with a fish delicacy or with a simple green salad or a fruit dish. Olive oil is the main ingredient in any vinaigrette recipe. A perfect meal for diabetic people can be a black bean chicken salad that includes chicken, tomatoes, onion, green chilies, bell pepper, cheese and green salad blended with lime vinaigrette dressing. Lime vinaigrette is nutritious as well as tasty.